Raw Cedar Honey

The inviting scent of the cedar tree with which ancient civilizations used to call their gods and blessings to their lands also appeals to the exquisite taste of bees. This precious flavor, which has been indispensable for sacred rituals and healers for thousands of years, is only accessible in rare times when the right climatic conditions, the voluntary contribution of the Basra beetle and the organic final touch of the bees take place respectively. We know the value of every drop of the product of this cycle, which can sometimes occur every 4 years. Therefore, we do everything there is to be done to support and protect the natural formation of this rare healing source.
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At hive republic, we are proud to be able to collect the purest form of raw cedar honey, which is the fortunate result of the great cooperation of nature.

We believe that now is a very good time for you to experience the soothing effect of cedar in the form of raw honey and its supportive power of the immunity of your respiratory system.

We hope you enjoy this aromatic flavor which invites you to relaxation and healing.


The diastase value of our 100% raw and high-proline cedar honey decreases over time and the HMF value increases. Protect from heat and light in order not to accelerate these changes. Store at room temperature (18-24 °C).

Since it is raw honey, it can crystallize over time and can be consumed in this way.

Warning: Honey should not be fed to babies under 1 year old

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