Raw Flower Honey

To fill a small pot of honey, a single bee must visit 4 million flowers, and this would normally take approximately 1500 days. Considering a honeybee’s lifespan is around 45 days, it is a perfect example of perseverance and hard labor in a life’s work.
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This determined and incessant work of bees not only provides us with a tasteful source of energy but also supports the life cycle on Earth. The basis of our founding philosophy is to fulfill all our duties in the fair exchange of this natural cycle.

To protect their health so they can work happily and efficiently, we isolate their habitat to keep them away from all the harmful effects of technology, enlarge their space to move so they stay in form, and surround their home with their favorite flowers to keep them happy and support their wellbeing.

Our raw flower honey is attained by our provision of a natural area accompanied by thistle, thyme, tragacanth, dead nettles flowers. In return, they reward us with a proline value of 971.

The value of proline, the most important amino acid in honey, is directly related to its purity and quality. It is only revealed by honeybees as their biological signature on their work. This unique trace, which cannot be imitated artificially, is valued by the suitability and richness of the flora and fauna of the bees' working areas.

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The diastase value of our 100% raw and high-proline flower honey decreases over time and the HMF value increases. Protect from heat and light in order not to accelerate these changes. Store at room temperature (18-24 °C).

Since it is raw honey, it can crystallize over time and can be consumed in this way.

Warning: Honey should not be fed to babies under 1 year old.

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